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Ten Ways To Show Love For Your Loved Ones


Ten Ways To Show Love For Your Loved One


It is the perfect time of year to think of ways to show our love. We here at Family Auto Service want to share with you this top 10 list of ideas we have come up with to show love to your loved ones.


  1. Their Choice. Choosing what they prefer is a simple way to show your sweetie that they are a priority and essential to you. Simple things like picking up their favorite toothpaste or running through their favorite fast food joint. Do they prefer a date night in? Light some candles and surprise them by making their favorite meal, or if you don't cook, order take out on their busiest day of the week. It is such a nice feeling to come home after a long day to find your sweetie has taken care of the evening meal, and, that it is one of your favorites! And remember to reach for their hand and perhaps give an unexpected kiss giving them the butterflies.

  2. Tackle Some Chores. Taking care of some weekly chores, they don't love is such a turn on! It may not sound or feel romantic while undertaking the task. However, it is incredibly hot. Have you seen those new mom books or calendars showing men vacuuming or doing dishes? Yep, it's a thing.

  3. Be Kind To Their Family. There is a good chance you don't like everyone in your partner's world, family, especially; however, that is normal. It is important to be neutral even when you have strong negative feelings toward a family member of theirs. It is normal not to like everyone. Remember, it isn't your place to be critical of the people in your partner's life; it is, however, it is vital to support them and be a good listener.

  4. Experience New Things Together. Couples become closer when they do new things together. There is a hormone released called oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. It is released when doing or experiencing something new. Doing new things together strengthens your bond, so go with the flow, take a break from life's routine and even perhaps go for an unplanned, random trip, or just a pleasant drive.

  5. Flirt. When a wave of positive emotions flood you, tell your sweetie what it exactly is that you love about them. It is proven that couples that flirt with each other have more fulfilling lives, so step up your game a bit and sweetly tease them and be sure to whisper sweet little nothings in their ear.

  6. Love Notes. Tucking a little love note in your sweetie's briefcase, or leaving one by their bedside table to find unexpectedly shows your love. It may feel silly, but adding a few things like leaving their favorite chocolate on their pillow or even playing footsies brings out the playful love you two share.

  7. Kisses and Hugs. Kissing and hugging each other hello and goodbye each morning and every night shows your unconditional love no matter what the two of you are going through. It is especially important to wish your sweetie good morning or good night when you two are not physically together.

  8. Little Details. Paying attention to the little things such as squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom rather than the middle, or the top or leaving the toilet seat up for your sweetie (I know, this is a tough one) is a thoughtful little gesture that may touch their heart.

  9. Keep each other healthy. Tell your lover how attracted to them you are and show them without acting like a dictator that you want to help them stay healthy. Little things like bringing them a bottle of water when you notice they are drinking soda is a kind gesture when coming from a place of love. Once and awhile, balance it out by bringing them their favorite snack that they purposely don't keep around because they can't help but eat it all.

  10. Really Listen. Paying attention to your partner when they talk is incredibly sexy, and you may even learn something new about your lover. It will show them just how head-over-heels you are. You may not be aware, but not listening well to your partner is incredibly hurtful. Even when you think a topic isn't exciting or you feel you have already heard their story, make an extra effort to listen. Just try, you may hear something new, and perhaps eventually, they will open up and share their deepest secrets, and will be there to help with their healing of hurts.


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