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Ten Things We Are Thankful For At Family Auto Service

It’s November… As we come into autumn in San Diego, we are at the end of the harvest, and time to see out the year with the holidays ahead of us. Soon Christmas will be all around us, but first, we have Thanksgiving. But how do we say a graceful thank you to a year that gave us COVID19?

This year has been brutal to too many, even in beautiful San Diego. There has been so much conflict and anger and grief and disconnection with people, which is the very antithesis of what San Diego and our surrounding communities have come to understand about itself. 

It’s times like these, though, when life pushes back the hardest, that you know why you are thankful to sit down with the people you love the most for a meal once a year and be glad to still be around… which is in part how Thanksgiving began.

November 9th is the 400th anniversary of the day the Mayflower spotted the coast of Cape Cod. A pilgrim led a reading of Psalm 100 to thank God for the mercy in getting them to this new land, after they had endured 65 days of rough seas, with a mast that broke when they were halfway across the Atlantic ocean. Their faith and their support of each other got them to the New World, where they could be free.

As your friends at Family Auto Service sit down for our Thanksgiving dinner, we wanted to share with you the ten things the staff and mechanics of Family Auto Service’s four locations are most thankful for:

  • Our world. Despite the strain the world has been under (environmentally and biologically), the wars we have seen, and the struggles with freedom that have intensified in the last ten years, this is still a lush, beautiful world that has room for us all, if we can make the choice to share it. It still feels like a good thing to be alive in this world.
  • Our nation. With the election in two days, we hope you’ve done your duty to your country and made your voice heard. It’s important that everyone has their say in the choices of who leads us. And we still believe in the United States of America, still believe this can and should be a land of the free, where people can express ideas, but respect each other’s right to prosper without tyranny.
  • Our community. San Diego is a beautiful corner of this country, and so much of what makes it worthwhile is the kindness and love of the people we interact with and share this California life with. So many vendors blessed us and kept our community going. So many people turned up for the essential work and bravely gave all of us a fighting chance.
  • Our friends. We have been blessed by God to have such good friends in our lives, people who have helped us, who have rallied as we came under the threat of a very real fire, and who looked out for each other in the midst of pandemic and panic. Our neighbors became our allies, looking out for each other, sharing their resources at a time when toilet paper was a difficult thing to find. 
  • Our families. We have all had wonderful support from our wives, husbands, children, and parents. It has been hard at times playing by the rules and keeping our distance, and we didn’t always succeed in that regard. We need each other when life seems to fall apart, and if we failed to retain the distance at times, we certainly didn’t fail to love each other and to extend love outside to our greater families, too.
  • Our health. With pandemic setting in, and the fear of what it might mean to close the shop for an outbreak among our staff, we have miraculously managed to stay healthy and have been incredibly lucky to have clear, even breathing and strength in our bodies.
  • Our team. This year could have seen a lot of us leave for other ventures. It’s a scary time to be declared an essential worker, but a great deal of the American economy is based on automotive freedom to travel, so we were allowed to stay open and keep your cars running, and managed to come through it stronger and enjoying our work even more than before.
  • Our shops. So many shops are closing down right now. Standards were incredibly important during the pandemic and without the right presentation in a shop-- a clean, washed down, ready for the day look-- some shops could not find their customers and have had to close. But all five of our shops persevered and now, we still have our shops to go to and work that feels important and good to do. And we owe so much of that to one person...
  • You, our customer. We have managed to stay open in all of our locations and safe during the pandemic. Without your support and patronage, we might have buckled and failed. Without your compliance with the new health standards, we might have become sick and had to close the shop, and by extension made our own families sick. You were selfless, and you cared as much about us as we cared about you. That has meant the world to us.
  • Our future. We don’t know when COVID19 will finally be a thing that is behind us and something we don’t have to bring into our Thanksgiving prayers and graces. For the moment, it is still an active concern and we are going to do our part to make the world safe, one vehicle at a time. But we feel an optimism we didn’t feel before in watching your patronage save our shops, our shops save our team, our team save our health, our health save our families, our families save our friends, our friends save our community, our community save our nation, and our nation save the world. And it all began with you, believing in our shared future, and willing to do the right thing.

Thank you for making Family Auto Service your go-to San Diego repair shop, and for being an important part of our world this past year. We hope the year has been as kind to you as it was to us, all things considered. We would like to remind you, once again, that with the recent wildfires, air filters will need to be replaced, and soon. If you’d like to get your air filters taken care of, schedule an appointment with our auto mechanic team.  Or feel free to call us at any of our five locations:

La Jolla:  (858) 264-1852     1027 Virginia Way, La Jolla, CA 92037
Alpine:    (619) 383-2682     2417 Alpine Blvd, Alpine, CA 91901
La Mesa:   (619) 618-1913     7191 Alvarado Road, La Mesa, CA 91942
Santee:    (619) 332-0778     10332 Mission Gorge Road, Santee, CA, 92071
Miramar:    (858) 634-9815     8040 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126

We look forward to seeing you again soon!


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