Keep Your Vehicle Clean at the Beach

Living close to beautiful beaches definitely has its perks. In the Southern California area, getting in your vehicle and heading to the beach is probably a regular occurrence, especially during the warmer months. While going to the beach is almost always a fun time, you may dread having to clean up your vehicle after the outing.

A beach day can mean a sandy and dirty vehicle, even more likely if you have kids or pets coming along for the ride. Luckily, we have some tips on how you can keep your vehicle clean while still enjoying your day by the water. 

  • Before returning to your car, be sure to really shake out your bags, blankets, and other belongings to get ride of as much sand as possible.
  • If your beach has feet showers, use them!
  • Consider using an old sheet or blanket to cover your backseat and trunk. This will make it a lot easier get rid of sand and protect your interior.
  • Use trash bags to cover your floor mats for easy sand removal from shoes and feet! 
  • Bring extra water to rinse your legs/feet before getting into your vehicle. 
  • Bring along a laundry bag to place your blankets and wet clothes into when you get back to your car. 

These are just some ways that you can help protect the inside of your car while visiting the beach. The exterior is important, too! First of all, ensure that you do not leave any valuables in view when you leave your vehicle to head to the shore. Don't forget to lock your vehicle as well. 

If possible, try to park in shade. Excessive heat can cause your car's paint to wear or lose color and it can also be a discomfort when you get back to your car and find that the interior is screeching hot. 

Don't forget to bring lots of water to the beach to stay hydrated! The California sun can be brutal and having adequeate water is key to your family's health. We hope that these tips were helpful and wish you the best of luck during your next beach day travels! 

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