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How to Take Care of Your Tires

Your vehicle’s tires are a particularly vital feature of your vehicle. They're the sole element between your automobile and the road, and work properly to make sure that you're ready to accelerate, stop, and turn with accuracy. Poor tires will cause a variety of various problems, including lower fuel efficiency, tire blowouts, needing new tires more often, and more. Smart tire maintenance will protect you on the road as well as saving you cash on new tires throughout the years. 

A regularly unnoticed tire service is correct tire pressure. When your tires measure low in air pressure, excessive tire wear will occur and blow outs can happen. It isn’t safe to drive with low tire pressure and it's a really straightforward fix. Typically, you can test your tire pressure and refill it at home, but if you need assistance, Family Auto Service will be happy to help. 

If your tires aren’t aligned or balanced properly, excessive wear may be occurring that's severely diminishing the life of your tires. An alignment and balance is typically needed every 6,000 miles or so, however if you notice that your automobile pulls to one side while driving, you may be due for an alignment. 

Be sure to check your tires often for wear and understand how to test your tires for tread. If you notice that your tires look smooth, meaning that your tires don't have the proper tread, this can be a sign that you need new tires. It can also be dangerous to drive with low tread tires in certain weather conditions. Learn how to do the penny test with your tires to check tread periodically. 

If you ever have a matter regarding your vehicle’s tires, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into Family Auto Service for fast and friendly service! 

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